Silicon Values Partners
'Post'-Semiconductors Early-Stages VC Fund

Managing Director MessageTechnology is society … to build intelligent machines.

Hello. We appreciate your interest. Let me introduce us.

We are yet another unfolding Silicon Valley story – we recognize and treasure every minute of it. Historically, through massive mistakes and phenomenal successes, we came about as pooled resources on BG Partners venture capital platform – a combined effort of several VC groups and talented entrepreneurs. We’ve always been in the core of high-tech development, managing justified risk – we believe in technology transformative power overwhelmingly defining evolution of our civilization.

We are classical Silicon Valley venture capital fund uniquely leveraging powerful semiconductor platform for alternative energy, cleangreen-tech sector, nano-medicine, and other advanced “post-semiconductors” applications expanding into new generation of robotics and media.


  • love what we do. This is how we live
  • embrace the culture and the best practices of Silicon Valley. Our extended team – recognized money makers – is a fusion of in-depth technical expertise with no-nonsense, ‘win-win’ elegant business solutions
  • believe into the concept of smaller, nimble, engaged VC funds. They are clearly coming back as “new” normal –  truly capturing the beauty and power of dynamic venture capital structures. Bessemer’s “Anti-Portfolio” is our investments Bible
  • build fast-growing businesses and unique solutions from scratch and lead investments. We love to syndicate with other qualified investors – we know exactly how powerful a smart money can be
  • tend to look into radically advanced technologies and solutions which disrupt existing and create completely new markets
  • operate from the legendary, spirited neighborhood of the Steve Jobs’ Los Altos garage – where the first 50 Apple Computers were built. We consider that culturally important for what we do

We are tremendously proud of our remarkably talented young “deep bench” and their continued interest to work with us. Humbly and fast we acknowledge superiority of those kids and then start yelling and screaming at them (with much love) when they make minor mistakes and major missteps. Along the way all of us benefit immensely from the enriching experience of three generations of driven entrepreneurs working together within the funds vision and operations. Our Permanente Creek Fellowship Program has been established for most talented students worldwide.

Many of us are Silicon Valley veterans and we deeply value our MIT & Harvard experience. We’ve been consistently involved with California top schools. Combination of our unique deal-flow and unusual networks is modulated by our long-standing industry and regional strategic partnerships.

We are entrepreneur’s long-term partners with very high standards for integrity, trust, fairness, and direct communications.


Victor Boksha, Los Altos, California

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