Silicon Values Partners
'Post'-Semiconductors Early-Stages VC Fund

Vision Mission StrategyTechnology is society … to build intelligent machines.

Vision. Many of us in the fund are very experienced semiconductor technology-people. Dynamics of this formidable industry, and specifically – microlithography, have profoundly shaped economics macro-behavior and our thinking, which we’ve defined as Silicon Economics. Traditional, previously powerful silicon applications became commodity in “post-semiconductors” age. Fortunately, new semiconductor-platforms-based applications are rapidly arising. Modern energy economics is becoming similar to silicon-computer systems one-energy is transitioning from being “analog” to “digital”. Nanoenabled energy future is ahead of us and we see a way to get there. Also, healthcare, robotics and media are being transformed fast. Furthermore, manufacturing is coming back and re-structuring the US influential market. The “Curiosity” is already on Mars with a major triumph – the humanity is seriously looking into the space again.

Mission. The mission of the fund is to maintain and grow a premier venture capital operation to capitalize on the above opportunities. We develop and sustain an effective organization with ability to evolve as an institution.

Strategy. We expect our portfolio companies to return superior long-term financial gains through discipline and differentiated, clearly articulated strategy. We will achieve that by seeking out and actively assisting people with breakthrough ideas and personal qualities to build new major enterprises and brands.

We are actively looking for and building:

  • radically distributed, personalized energy & bio-energy solutions. For that-technology breakthroughs are needed (like vacuum tubes to transistors transition). We are building intelligent energy systems & smart grids.
  • broader, clean•green-tech spanning a range of industries including alternative energy (especially solar), energy storage, recycling and waste management, and advanced new “clean” materials.
  • nano- & personalized medicine applications; learning & adaptive alive systems for next generation of robotics and media. We have been building such systems – we build intelligent machines.

We’ve always been blessed to learn from and to work with the best. We co-invest & syndicate with them.

The fund and its portfolio companies are supported by the senior partners of Silicon Valley elite legal firms.